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The Finest Classic European Automobiles

PorscheWelcome, we at Classic Euro Cars, specialize in importing quality automobiles from Europe to the United States. Our contacts in France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland let us choose from a wide selection of the best classic automobiles available for sale on the European market.


We import cars that are at least 25 years old (15 years old if you reside in Canada). The reason being, that those cars do not require any DOT, EPA and NHTSA authorizations and can be brought into North America without any problems. That means no alterations to the appearance of the cars (big US bumpers, side marker lights, etc.) and no waiting for approval from these agencies (from 6 to 18 months, if at all possible!).


Most of all, no extra money spent with a RI (Registered Importer) or ICI in order to bring the car up to US compliance (usually about $10,000).


We have temporarely suspended our car import business into North America. We are now exporting vehicles to Europe