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"Very professional, very honest, and delivers quickly. The car is in great condition and was exactly as it was described. Would definitely do business with again!"
Zaid Amin from Houston about his Audi A6

"Just to let you know again that I really love the car. Was driving it today across town to a meeting and can't tell you the number of smiles I got along the way!. One guy used his cell phone to take pictures of it."
Barbara Taylor from Florida talking about her 1980 2CV6

"Dear Nicolas,
I am writing to thank you for the 2CV that you sold me. Everything is great and I am really enjoying driving it.
Thanks again.

Shant Anan from Los Angeles talking about his 1975 2CV

"Fast service indeed! Car is in my driveway !! I had a real nice round about drive home from the pick up location at a local shopping center. Smooth. Surefooted. Fun! All the things you said it was. So thank you very much."
Jim Strong from PA talking about his European 1980 BMW E21 323i

"Picked up the car this morning...everything looks great! Thanks again for all of your help...you helped make this an easy process!"
Marc Bellanger from Boston talking about the import of his Golf GTI MK1

"I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to purchase the car. I believe that you do understand how sincere we are and how much the car does mean to the family. You have done more than just make a sale; you've allowed us to relive some of our finest memories as a family. I know that whenever we drive the car we will have warm feeling towards your family."
Ben Klibanoff from New Jersey re-living childhood memories in his D19

"From what I gathered from a 2-second conversation (on the phone) about the car, he loved it. The car is terrific."
Gene M. from Northern California talking about his Citroen D19

"It was a good trip, all in all. We drove secondary roads and avoided big cities, drew many admirers.
Thanks for the warm welcome in Orlando and thanks for the car!

Don and Cyndy Engdahl who drove their 2CV 1,920 miles to their home in New Mexco

"I want to tell you what a pleasure it was dealing with you. You were very
attentive to our questions and all the details of making sure the car would
get to us safely. You described the car perfectly and we are most pleased
with the entire transaction. You've made our holidays something very special.

Bob and Monika Dalrymple from Irwin, PA talking about their 2CV Charleston

"Got home safe and sound; Mary loves the car."
Mark and Mary Schultz from Florida, talking about their 2CV Charleston

"I'm very happy to report that the beautiful little black 2cv is now in my posession! Thank you again for your help with this car. I'm very pleased, and hope I did not bother you too much with my hesitations and constant questions."
Arminée Chahbazian from Angwin, CA talking about her 2CV

"I'm VERY happy with the car!!! It's actually in better shape than I thought it would be in, the pictures that you sent don't do it justice!!! Thank you so much for all that you did to bring a little bit of France to Northern California."
Nicholas Garcia from Martinez, CA talking about his 2CV Charleston

"Again, thank you Nicolas for EVERYTHING! The experience of delivery was as exciting as you said. This whole experience of purchasing has been so pleasant that those good feelings manifest themselves when I drive or think about the car. How many people can say that!? Thank You! I can promise it will not be the last car I buy from you!"
Harjeet Kalsi from Vancouver BC, talking about his Citroen CX 25 TRDT

"Overall, I would say that I am happy with the car. It runs and rides well and is fun to drive. Most of the paint seems original. I have been told by friend's that the license plate on the car is from Versailles.
I would still trust you in purchasing another car.

Barry Walker from San Diego, talking about his 2CV Charleston

"It got in night before last late. I spent all day yesterday getting various things done. It is drop dead gorgeous. It has a few weird scratches and it got some pine tar on it on the way up, but other that it is absolutely as awesome as described. I put my 405 in the shop so as to have an excuse to drive it for a week."
Kevin Bouffiou from Seattle, talking about his Peugeot 504 Coupe

"I'm happy with the purchase, as you know i've wanted one of these a long time. Everyone wants to know: "WHAT IS IT?". Thanks again for your help and patience, and I would recommend you to any one!"
Geoff Rose from New Orleans, talking about his 2CV Charleston

"Absolutely delighted at the beautiful Charleston we bought from Nicholas ! Condition was better than I ever could have expected and the car is an absolute joy to drive !! A smooth transaction from a dealer I'd buy from again and again"
Michael and Renate Coffman From Orlando, FL talking about their 2CV Charleston

"I have received the most wonderful car from Classic Euro Cars. I was confident based on the very thorough description and the plentiful photos posted in the listing that this was a car I would be very happy to own. All the communications went very smoothly. It is as wonderful as Nicolas described and I'm glad to have had such a pleasant transaction for its acquisition."
Sarah Broadwell from San Jose, CA talking about her 2CV Pick Up

"I drove the car Saturday and Sunday and I have enjoyed it. It is as represented and you have been very honest in the transaction. I would not hesitate to buy another car from you sight unseen; Since I believe you to be a man of your word. In addition, I would feel free to recommend you to others or give you accommodation if anyone calls."
Paul Storment from Belleville IL, talking about his 2CV Charleston

"I want to thank you for bringing the Alpine to the states and then selling it. The car is tremendous. It is certainly one of the very best. The car was and is absolutely beautiful. I was practically speechless."
Peter Taft from Chicago talking about his 1988 Alpine GTA Turbo

"I am indeed happy with both the truck and with the service and prices that you have given me. The truck so far has been great and it gets lots of smiles and attention. I have told everyone who asks about to truck to check out your internet site. You have a nice selection of cars and are very reasonable to work with."
Bob Holcepl from Cleveland, OH, talking about his 2CV Truckette

"The car is in very nice condition considering its age, and we are enjoying driving it."
Bruce Powell from San Francisco talking about his 1969 Citroen Mehari

"I received the title for the 604 and the car arrived on 9/23. It looks great. Really a beautiful car. Thanks for the fine service you provided."
Doug Klafehn from DC talking about his 75 Peugeot 604

"Everybody here loves the car. The first time my wife and I went out for a ride, we went to dinner. We got lots of stares and smiles. It was a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you and I wouldn't hesitate doing business with you in the future."
Teddy Sabate from Maryland talking about his Innocenti Mini Cooper

"I look foward to do business with you in the future if an ocasion occurs. Once again thank you very much for everything."
Pedro Catarina from New Jersey talking about his Citroen 2 CV4

"It finally arrived at 9:33pm on Tuesday. It looks wonderful and drives great. Thanks for representing it honestly. I like the Cibie headlights and the bumpers look new. Best Wishes"
Dave Harvey from Peoria, IL talking about his 72 Citroen 2CV Charleston

"Received the car Sunday night and it is everything you said it was. Really a nice car and very fun to drive (as expected.) Very pleased. Thanks again for getting such a wonderful car into the US and allowing me the opportunity to own her."
John Laregina from Virginia talking about his 68 Citroen ID19

"Thanks for all your help and patience. It arrived in fine shape and seems to drive fine. We had three people stop us on the way home asking "what the hell is that?""
Dan Mauk, from Norfolk, NE. talking about his 74 Mini race car